Open House

I just got back from the Open House at the Monterey Institute. FGSIB has more opportunities and career support than I anticipated. The faculty seem very nice and helpful, half a dozen took the time to attend the session. The dean of the business school was very articulate, experienced and well-connected in the East Asian area. In fact, he started the university in Hong Kong that is now one of the top ten in the region for graduate business studies. Before coming on as the dean for FGSIB, he was the dean at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. If I was a student at Fisher, I’d be happy to have him as dean, too.

I was concerned with my lack of work experience hindering an acceptance at Fisher. According to the Enrollment Manager, Jill, MBA candidates under the Master’s International program would come out with 2 years of international business experience. Combine that with my one year in the mortgage industry, and I’d have a full 3 years.

I was also concerned with the type of work experience that would limit my post-MBA career opportunities. According to the career advisor, whose name I forget, getting a summer internship or part-time work in my desired career field is critical. He advised that the large real estate/mortgage corporations that tend to hire international MBA grads are property management companies like CBRE and Hutchinson. He further advised that individuals interested in working in a company like CBRE should have work experience in the same type of business. So, it may be that I am in the wrong line of business in regards to my future career goals.

The career advisor also asked where I intend to settle. Will it be outside the U.S. or within? Which state or province? If I intend to settle in Los Angeles, say, then the corporation that I work for should have their headquarters in that city. My decision will depend in part on L–. I hesitate consulting her. I mean, I want her to be in my life, but she doesn’t consult me when she makes her career plans. It’s a difficult choice, but, ultimately I’m deciding on my life. Even L– herself said I should plan my path according to my own desires and ambition. In any case, I don’t know where I want to settle. That is a question I will answer later.

I’m really excited about the opportunities. The next step is to fax Jill my transcript and resume.

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