Open House, continued…

I looked at the CBRE website, again. Undoubtedly, it is the world’s premier commerical real estate services firm. The company covers all aspects of commercial real estate, from research and construction to loan origination and tenant management. It’s the Countrywide of commercial properties. From its database, there were only two internships that have already been filled. I need the connections that a graduate institution may have to get me an internship there, or in a company similar to CBRE.

I am getting ahead of myself. Before I even worry about internships, I need to get in to FGSIB. Although work experience is no longer an issue, I still have to worry about work references. If I quit HMB and go over to Full Spectrum, I will not have any superior to write a letter of recommendation for me. So, I think I may have to stay at Horizon until I leave for grad school. The VP likes me. So, all I need to do is keep my nose clean, do my job well, and stand out as a valued employee so he’ll wish the best for me when I let him know of my grad school ambitions. I made an interview appointment with Full Spectrum for Monday. I was planning on missing another day of work at HMB so I could do the interview. Since, I am deciding to stay, I will have to cancel. Pity, in terms of money, going to Full Spectrum is the better move. Unfortunately, that will cost me my letter of recommendation.

With the issue of work settled for the time being, I need to see whether I can revive my old Peace Corps application. I was accepted to go, but I cancelled my assignment. The placement officer said I would have to start all over – I’d have to get new letters of recommendation. That will be difficult. I haven’t done any volunteer service since graduation. Where am I going to get such accolades, again? I suppose a LOR wouldn’t be too difficult to get from Greg, my old debate coach. It’s that damn volunteer service recommendation! If I can reactivate my old application without having to go through the process again, I’d be okay. Otherwise, I have another problem on my hands.

Things to do:

  1. Post mail Jill a copy of my school transcript and my current resume.
  2. Call up the Peace Corps to see whether I can reactivate my application.

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