GMAT or Broker’s

The Monterey Institute allows applicants to apply as late as one month prior to the semester that they want to attend. I don’t know when I want to attend. So, that will hamper when I’ll know to take the GMAT.

I’m a bit distracted, now, too. I sent out my resume today to Full Spectrum Lending. If they offer me a position, I might take it up. They are generating more leads than my broker and at least I’ll have something to do whereas I sit on my ass here all day and post to my journal.

I’m delaying. It feels like I’m delaying. I need to find out this weekend if one more year here at HMB will be enough to apply for the Master’s International at Monterey. Not too many people participate in that program is my guess. As a result, demand is high and I will have a better chance of being accepted. If Monterey will accept with the little work experience that I have so far and a decent GMAT score, then I will go.

So, I guess I should study for the GMAT, no? Damn… how am I going to fit the broker’s exam in there?

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