Baby Steps

I need to learn from my mistakes.

Before I left Countrywide, some people in upper-management were encouraging me to apply for an Operations Account Analyst position, which is two positions below Operations Account Manager. Had I stayed there for another year, due to the high turnover rates, I could have been a Managing Senior for a suspense team. Upon my application to MBA school, I could have received a recommendation from the VP of Operations herself.

Now, although I can get a recommendation from the VP of Sales, there are no management positions to vie for. Would the MBA admissions panel consider loan origination as entrepreneurial experience? I need to determine whether I’m in the right occupation.

I bought study guides for the GMAT. I figure that 12 months to study is a good amount of time. I think the latest I should take the exam is 6 months before I apply. I need to determine when I want to apply so I can schedule my exam and my study schedule accordingly.

Now, what about my broker’s license? Such a license would culminate my experience as a loan originator. I would be free to pursue a corporate job and originate mortgages on the side. I can continue to make loans while I’m in grad school, or wherever I go. It would be worth my while if I can get my broker’s license, but not at the expense of my GMAT.

Next steps:

  1. Dates when I can apply to MIIS
  2. Exam date for GMAT, (6 months before application)

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