Long-Term Plans

I am seriously entertaining doing international business again. My dreams of doing that was pushed to the back of my mind when my chance to go to China was cancelled. Truth be told, I wasn’t even thinking about my long-term plans anymore. I was more concerned with how to make the big bucks. And, I’ve led myself to the “slow-track towards success.” I believe that I will do well as a loan officer. However, it’s not what I dreamed of myself doing. No, I should stay in this for as long as it would take to get my broker’s license.

The question is, what to do now? International business, yes. But, what about my experience in the mortgage industry? Is there a way for me to incorporate my aspirations with my work history so far? Nine months at Countrywide. Three months so far at HMB. One year in this industry isn’t much to brag about.

There are four things that I need to be a competitive international MBA candidate: academic excellence, work experience in a position of responsibility, decent GMAT scores, and international experience. I have the merits for academics. I still need the GMAT and qualified work experience. Those I have a plan to get. It’s the international experience that I have trouble fitting into the plan. How can I get that without interrupting the work experience part? That’s a dilemma. Disadvantaged without international experience. Interrupts work experience if I go. What to do… what to do?

I’m thinking that maybe I can skip the international experience altogether. If I go to the Monterey Institute, I can sign up for the Master’s International program. That’s the specialty program that business schools have that combines the MBA curriculum with service in the Peace Corps. The downside of that program is that I can’t choose the country that I want to go to. Hmm… if I can at least go to a country that would have me speak Spanish, that would work out even better in the long run. There is a possibility that I can go to China after my MBA via “Asia Volunteers.” I can even go for a three-month period. Throughout my time at MIIS, I can take Mandarin language courses to prepare.

Looks like the international experience obstacle can be overcome. Now, what about the work experience and GMAT?

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