Hi Sweetheart,

I hurt too when I read that you still ache in your head and tooth. I feel a little anxious too because there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to help. Rather than fantasizing sweet love-making, how about I fantasize making your evening as relaxing as possible?

I would make a moderate dinner. We’d have a small bowl of fruit and soothing chamomile tea for dessert. I’d carry you up to our bedroom. The lights would be dim except for the lamp at your desk. Gently putting you on your seat, you can begin to study while I clean up the kitchen and prepare your evening bath. About an hour later, I come up with another cup of tea. While you drink, I carefully undress you for your bath. Of course, you’ll have a robe so you won’t catch a cold. I’d carry you to the bathroom. There’s a chair in there with a large bowl of warm water in the sink. You sit and I begin to wash your hair with a refreshing shampoo and a conditioner with relaxing menthol. Afterwards, I de-robe you and lift you into the warm water bathtub. I scrub you with a soft loofah and release the tension in your shoulders, neck and legs with an attentive massage.

I towel you off and wrap you in your soft, dry robe. I carry you back to our bedroom and blowdry your hair with your favorite comb while you continue to study. I bring you your slippers, and – if you still have your headache – a couple of Motrin to keep you listful for the remainder of your study time. I will sit on the bed and read my five books. You can talk out loud to me and I’d mumble something to let you know I heard you.

When you get tired, I’d get up and carry you the three feet to our bed. If you’re still wet after all my efforts in keeping you dry, then I’d make love to you until you fall asleep.

I’d do all of that for your head & tooth aches.

So… uh… wanna live near me, now?


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