Esquire & Spears

Incredible. There is no denying that Miss Spears is a true sex icon of this youth’s generation. She has grown from a vivacious (albeit fully-clothed) Mouseketeer to a jaw-dropping, soft-porn model in this month’s Esquire (Esquire Webpage of Miss Spears).

I am disturbed by the tingly feeling in my groin. Is my antipathy towards Britney Spears a reaction to the fear of facing a Humbert Humbert within me? I clearly find Spears’ body sexually attractive. She embodies virginal youth and I’m afraid of being labeled a pedophile. Ironically, pedophiles are people whom I would have no remorse committing murder upon. So, this dissonance in my brain (basic sexual attraction vs. pedophilic shame) causes me to lash out at the source of the stimulation: Britney Spears. Rather than face my own shame, I concoct legitimate excuses for my animosity, such as “she’s a bad influence on little girls”. My outward disgust serves a second purpose by hiding my internal desire to take Spears in carnal embrace (i.e., to fuck her doggy-style).

Spears merely promotes what Madonna has always done – pushing women sexuality into mainstream acceptance. I am not surprised that the “original virgin” has taken a liking to the new one. Perhaps Spears is her protege? In any case, since I admire Madonna for mainstreaming women sexuality, I should feel the same about Spears.

Oh! Hello Mr. Humbert. How do you do today?

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