Rest & Relaxation

This past Wednesday, I played hooky. I am glad that I didn’t learn the joys of truancy back in grade school or else I would have done it more often. It was bliss…

I suppose I was sensing too much negativity at work. Some of my clients were being uncooperative, the ones that were still suffered from setbacks on their loans. Nothing seemed to be in my control. On top of it all, I did not get to stay on the B-queue (which would have meant more leads, more deals, and more money). So, I woke up on Wednesday not wanting to go to work. I called in sick.

I took my laptop and my books and went to the Pasadena Public Library. Yes… I skipped work to go to the friggin’ library! How nerdy is that? I read and read and read. I finished The Good Girls’ Guide to Bad Girl Sex and P, the debut book by Andrew Conn. I walked around Old Town and got myself a Jamba Juice. I browsed Barnes and Noble. Ah… driving home, I felt so liberated, so refreshed. I told myself that I should do this more often.

There’s something to be said for taking an unplanned day off from one’s responsibilities and obligations. I realize that frequent hooky will cause it to lose its flavor. Yet, I should manage to do that once every couple of months. Coming back to work energized is worth it.

On Friday, I left work later than planned. I went straight to the gym and did half an hour on the elliptical trainer. Getting my heart rate up to 184 for at least ten minutes was a great feat. If one couldn’t smell my sweat, he would think I just came in from the rain. After a great workout for my heart, I did some maintenance work on my upper body muscles. I tried to work out my abdominals, but it was still sore from the previous day’s workout.

I was famished afterwards. Waiting an hour before I got home to eat did not seem bearable. I needed to eat, so I checked out the Sushi Bar in the same plaza.

Wow. Wow-expensive and Wow-good. I paid $36 for a Deluxe Sashimi Plate, a large Spider Roll and two Passion Fruit Iced Teas. The alone-time was meditative (like it was on Hooky Day, but a lot more expensive). I got to read a couple of pages for Three Kingdoms (a classic Chinese literature epic) and found a great sushi haven.

The rest & relaxation that I got this week was pretty memorable. I wish L was here with me for my sushi dinner, but I can’t ask for everything. It has been such a long time since I felt such simple pleasures. I hope I remember to enjoy more of it in the future.

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