Today marks two years since the World Trade Center in NY was destroyed by terrorist attacks. Over 2,700 people died from the towers’ collapse and rescue attempts. The terrorist group leader, Osama bin Laden is still not captured. And, instead of looking for him, the Bush Administration decided to attack the dictatorship in Iraq – whose leader is also not yet found. What’s up with that? How many enemies does our government want to antagonize at one time? Talks with North Korea isn’t doing so well, either. I suppose they’re still a little upset from Pres. Bush calling them an Axis of Evil two years ago? I guess I would be upset too if I my nation had nothing else to show except for poverty, corruption and a tyrannical government. No need for a wealthy nation to rub salt into an already sore wound.

The U.S. economy hasn’t improved even with all that military spending. Gas prices continue to rise despite our nation having de facto control over the second largest reserves of crude oil in the world. Our government has pissed off our French, German and Russian allies. And, to top it off, every move that Cheney & Co. makes only further rallies the Muslim world against the United States.

Can this presidency claim any success other than toppling the governments of two Arab countries?

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