Losing It Under a Full Moon

The new gym that I go to in Simi Valley has no crowds. The facility looks new and clean. I finish my workouts in record time since I don’t have to wait in line. There’s even a Crown Bookstore next door! Since the company filed for bankruptcy, all the books are selling at 25-50% off. What a deal! What a drain to my savings account!

So, I thought it was a perfect drive home yesterday after my workout. The 118 Highway goes through soft rolling hills. The moon was full, and the night sky was clear. To my right were the living lights of Ventura County. Beautiful. I thought of L. I felt lucky. I felt complete.

I got lost.

Damn! I guess I was just enjoying the drive too much because I missed the turnout for the 134. I wound up in Downtown L.A. At one point, I was trying to escape a one-road ghetto, dodging stray dogs, stray bullets, abandoned vehicles and lost children. Did I have the self-control to stay calm? No. I cursed. I made illegal U-turns. Thank goodness I didn’t get into an accident.

So, I got home late and famished. I hadn’t had dinner, yet, and my body was eating away at my muscles for energy. Today, I’m exhausted.

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