The main claim to fame this Labor Day weekend was going to Oceanside Beach. As always, The Family put together a wonderful and relaxing day where all the kids (and not-so-young-kids like me) can simply enjoy the moment. I read and bathed in the sun. We ate at the Oceanside pier, which was nice. Someone caught a baby sand shark like the one I saw with Sam at the Hermosa Beach pier. We all ate at Ruby’s diner. Pretty overpriced for hamburgers and fries. Typical Western-washed kids, my little cousins enjoyed the meal. Whereas the adults thought the whole thing was a rip-off.

The kids spent most of the day digging a huge hole near the surf. I’m surprised that such a simple enterprise can keep them occupied for most of the day. Their attention span for any activity at home is not usually that long. Something has to be said about old-fashioned entertainment. I ain’t going to do much of that now, though.

The ride home seemed to take forever, since everyone was exhausted from being out in the sun. Once home, some of the family decided to take a shower and wait until ten-o’clock before going out for a late-night snack. Not surprisingly, all the kids were sleeping at the dinnertable. Digging all day out in the sun has that effect, I suppose. It seems like such a long time ago when I did stuff like that with my same-aged cousins. Those cousins, now all grown up, have more sophisticated tastes – if clubs, bars and alcohol can be claimed as “sophisticated.”

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