Online Traffic School Completed

I finished the online traffic school course thirty days ahead of schedule. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I need to be more careful with the turbo speed of my Cruiser.

The next educational task I need to finish is the online course for loan origination. How long has it been since I enrolled? I don’t know. A course that I could’ve finished in three weeks is taking me more than two months to complete. Fortunately, I have up to six months to do it and I only have three more chapters.

I was supposed to take my parents and my uncle Angus to Outback Steakhouse tonight. Instead, my parents decided to go to a magic show in Inglewood. I have no idea what that is all about, but I suppose it would be good for my parents to check it out. The dinner would have been expensive, anyway. And, I have yet to get my paychecks from my recent loan closes.

This loan sales job is everything that I hoped it to be – except for the money. The potential money that I could make was the deciding factor for getting off my MBA-track. Now that the market has turned and mortgage rates are up, the money is no longer pouring in. Management here says that the refinance boom was an once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. The intention of the owners was to develop a subprime mortgage business. That has always been the goal, but that goal was put to the backburner while the refinance boom was exploited. After layoffs, the owners are now repositioning the company to tackle the subprime market. Should I hang on for the ride? That is a career question I need to tackle.

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