Post-War Iraq

I heard on NPR today that there are now more U.S. deaths from post-war with Iraq than the number of U.S. deaths during the war (139 compared to 138). The numbers will mount. I did not expect such a high casualty rate from a nation-building mission. Where are the Iraqi terrorists getting their bombs? Wouldn’t they have depleted their reserves by now? Is there some resource that they are getting their weapons from?

Weapons-grade uranium was found in one of Iran’s nuclear plants. To this date, the United States have yet to prove Saddam Hussein ever had any nuclear capability. Sure enough, Iraq had ill-intent towards the U.S. But, so does Iran. Now that Iran has the capability to make nukes, why are there no war-cries? I don’t wish for another war, but this is a testament to a different reason for an attack on Iraq than what the Bush Administration explicitly stated. For, if a nation with nuclear/chemical weapons capability that wishes harm to the United States is the criterion for a pre-emptive strike, then Iran more than fits the description. Again, I wouldn’t wish for another war, but clearly this Presidency was out to topple a sovereign government for purposes other than Iraqi freedom or national security.

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