Odd Day at Work

I don’t know what’s wrong. Events seem to be out-of-control at work. My mental acuity is low. I’m not on top of my game. Damn… it feels weird. I just want to, like, go home and come back another day. Today is definitely not a good day, and I cannot source the problem.

For instance, I had a client call in about the research I purportedly finished for her. I brought up her file and I realized that I neither printed a copy nor saved the work. So, I tried to bluster my way through a quote. Didn’t work out… eventually I said, “I’m sorry. I’m a bit disappointed because I can’t find the form that I worked on earlier. Let me call you back.” That’s awful unprofessional of me.

Earlier today, I did a quote for a lead. I called him and told him what his monthly payments would be. The quote I gave him was higher than his current offer, yet my monthly payment was lower! “I’m confused,” he said. Slowly – very slowly – I came to realize that my calculations were based on a 30-year loan. Crap! There was no way to save myself from embarrassment. So, I told him that I made a mistake.

I’ve made several more blusters since then. Too many mistakes that I could’ve avoided. What an odd day…

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