First Full Day as a Loan Consultant

I had many leads, but no deals… yet. It is tiring to sit in front of the computer all day, working with multiple applications and piles of paperwork. If I wasn’t crazy to begin with, this might all be overwhelming. However, I’m glad for the challenge. I just hope I’m going to make enough money to support my habits.

Talked to a nice gay-guy in S.F. today. He wanted two loans: one for $471,250, and another at $370,250. One of the benefits of being gay and not legally married is that you can claim two primary households. As a result, you get better rates and higher loan amounts. Pretty neat way to work the system that discriminates you. I bent over backwards (no pun intended) for this guy. He ended up going with WAMU because they weaseled in a low 5/1 ARM LIBOR, Interest-Only loan. Screw WAMU.

I learned a new word, today: “ignoranus” is a person who is both stupid and an asshole.

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