Going Back

After a long weekend of not being at work, I am actually eager to go back. Although, I wouldn’t mind a whole week of relaxation. I should go back, however. There is much to do. Today is Monday, and we ought to be getting a new class of Purchasers. Mohamed shouldn’t have to do everything himself.

I got to go to the gym this morning. It felt good to pump iron again. The last time I checked, I weighed 175 pounds. Today, I weighed only 168. So, I need to eat a little more and be diligent with my cardiovascular routine. How nice it would be to look sexy for L in December!

So, I took my real estate salesperson exam last Thursday. I expect to pass considering how the answers on the test “jumped” out at me. I was done with the 3-hour exam in one hour and fifteen minutes. I should find out by Wednesday whether or not I passed. The next step is to get in contact with Tony. I hope there are still Sub-Prime Loan Officer positions left. It is quite scary to leave such a well-paying job for another that I’m unsure about.

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