My Little Boy is Growing Up

Jason, my adorable seven-year old godson, went with me to go shopping for stuff for my clam chowder yesterday. When we were done, I drove to my home to pick up my mom. As I drove onto the driveway, he looked at me and asked me in the most grave voice that a young boy could muster: “Is it okay to love a girl?”

I smiled. How long did it take him to gather enough courage to ask his older cousin this question? He is confiding in me. What a wonderful gift! “Of course it’s okay,” I said. “Are you starting to have those feelings?”

He nodded. “There’s a girl at school…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

“Oh,” I said in understanding. “Is she pretty?” He nodded. “Is she nice to you?”

“Yes. And, I’m nice to her.”

“That’s good. Very good. You be nice to her.” And I gave my little Jason the biggest smile I could muster. “Okay, then. Go get your Elder Aunt.”

We didn’t continue the conversation when my mom got in the car. I didn’t think he’d be comfortable. He would have continued the conversation otherwise. My little Jason is falling in love…

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