Who’s There?

Beautiful. It’s 4am in the morning and I’m still alive. What an odd feeling. My eyes are telling me how much they want to just close and rest. My head feels awful heavy. Perhaps my body is trying to tell me something?

“But, I’m trying to enjoy the weekend.”
That’s nice. You realize that you’re going to sleep all day tomorrow?
“I know. But, I’m sure that there will be too much for me to do to just sleep all day.”
Yeah… but if you force yourself to stay up, you’re going to have a headache. Moreover, how will you scrounge up enough energy to hang out with Bob tomorrow night?
“I’ll drink coffee.”
You gave up coffee.
“Goddamn it, then I’ll start drinking again.”
Drugs and vulgarity… all to justify childish desires to stay up past bedtime.
“Cut me some slack. I’ve worked so hard these past few months –”
— Oh, is this going to be a segue way to the many accomplishments you’ve made? Control your vanity, please. I’m almost blinded by the light…
“No need to be rude.”
My apologies… yes, I’ll admit that you should have a weekend. However, I’m for moderation. If you burn yourself out tonight, how are you going to enjoy the rest of your weekend?
“That’s true. How odd… we’ve been working three weeks without a whole weekend to ourselves. Now, here’s our first full weekend and we go crazy.”
If by “going crazy” you mean to stay up late because we never get the chance ’cause we can never sleep in, then yes.
Good. For a minute there, I thought you meant this talking-to-yourself-thing. Well, enjoy.

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