China Cancelled

My Peace Corps service to China has been cancelled. The Severe-Acute-Respiratory-Syndrome (or SARS) epidemic has caused the agency to pull out all current volunteers in China. There is little hope that the program will continue by the time my staging event comes around. The earliest volunteers can return will be next year.

I’m still trying to absorb the facts of these sudden turn of events. I think it is very unfortunate. The government of China isn’t too chipper with the sudden pulling of all volunteers. On a personal level, I just spent a thousand clams on an operation especially for Peace Corps qualifications. A whole weekend lost in medicated haze and blood and pain. My trip to Philly to visit L was contingent upon me quitting work, and quitting work was the immediate result of going to China. So many plans that need to be reworked. The only word that comes to mind is “FUCK!!”

I’m a little upset. Although I’ve planned my life around my service in China, I suppose I’m bright enough to make some changes. What a goddamn inconvenience, though.

Well… I better get started. I just hope I don’t get into work today only to find out I’ve been fired.

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