Physical Training

My 84 days of physical training will come to its end Friday. I did not keep to the strict schedule, but I managed to exercise a lot more than I would without one. When I measured my body fat in the middle of the of regimen, I was at 17%. That’s 3% less than the “excellent” level, which is great. My goal from that point was to get to 15%. Ideally, I would like to be at 10% body fat by the time I visit L.

I am noticeably more toned than I was before. My parents and all my relatives have commented on my size. My goddaughter is most impressed with my chest. I call them my “breasts” and that just sends her giggling to no end. My legs are a lot larger, and the calf muscles are stronger. My arms are firm and I have improved their strength. All in all, I like the results.

Have I gained in strength overall? Yes, I have, but not by too much. I can lift about 5 to ten pounds more than what I could in the beginning. My endurance has stayed the same since I was less than adequate with keeping to my cardiovascular routines.

What I like the most is my change in diet. I eat less fatty foods, now. In the long run, this will do well for my heart and arteries. I continue to eat the high-fiber, high-protein soy cereal. This cereal has contributed the most, I think, to my physical growth.

I looked in the mirror at the gym today. Though I am several years away from my “muscle beach dream body”, I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. L is going to drool…

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