Promotion (Maybe)

I’m very excited about this possible promotion. I’ve worked at Countrywide for only half a year and I’ve already been promoted two times. Now, I am offered a third. Typically, employees have to interview and compete for a promotion. Apparently, the team leader wanted me specifically if I was interested in the job. As Senior Coordinator of Purchasing, I would be responsible for the management of 50 people. It is the largest team on the floor. I would report to Ana, whom I respect very much already, and I would share the role with Mohammed, whom I also respect very much. Mo will be responsible for the other 50 purchasers in this 100-person team.

The promotion, unfortunately, is not yet written in stone. Ana says she has the final word, but ultimately, her choices need to be okayed by her superior, Joann. If I need to demonstrate my capacity, I think I can do that with ample warning.

I will know by the end of this week (hopefully).

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