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  1. sammishndahouse
    March 16, 2003 @ 1:27 am

    i love yr honesty

    i’d like to oppose the idea of this person being the “rebound”, but as i have a mouth-full of toothpaste and one of my best friends sleeping in my bed, this will be short.

    he is not “the rebound” specifically because i have invested quite a bit in him, and do not intend on rescinding it because he doesnt love me. rebound implies that i was with this person purely to fulfill my own needs. this, however, is not the case. although i found some of my needs fulfilled, i also gave my love, trust, and sincerest concern to this person without expecting equal reciprocity [although i knew some sort of reciprocity would likely occur]. i’m still concerned and i still care for this person, inasmuch as i have not greedily withdrawn it because of the way his choiced make me feel. perhaps i should, but it is something i would have to think about first. let’s discuss this, please. not because i want to be right, but because i want to have a better understanding of this, and see it from your perspective. i love talking about this sort of thing with you. it’s always very enlightening.

    and i have discovered that i, too, am a pragma-oriented lover.

    how about them apples?


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