Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s, I gave my girl three original poems and a 16k white gold necklace. The piece of jewelry was lovely, L said, but she loved the poems more “because they were from the heart.”

In return, my beloved sent me a bouquet of flowers at work. There was much admiration from my co-workers. The whole arrangement was purple: purple marigolds, purple carnations, purple baby’s blush and thick green foliage. Her card was the best because it was, like my poems, also from the heart.

Despite the love we feel for each other, we still had an argument. Since school went back in session, I felt like I wasn’t a priority anymore. I realize that I am not and, truthfully, should not be a priority. Yet, I still cannot help feeling hurt. So, I was pushing to be back at number one again. In the end, I had to come to terms with the fact that school will remain her priority.

So, everything is good again. I have to “find my own groove,” find things to do to keep my mind off of L. Sounds odd, I know… but it’s a way to deal with the torrent of emotions I have for the girl.

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