I am incredibly exasperated. How can I explain? There is not enough room at home. No room for my books, for me to do my work, for me to hang my clothes, or for me to read. I am frustrated with my parents, how they don’t get along, how my mom complains, and my father ignores her complaints until she explodes. I don’t like being bothered constantly, and when I’m home, I feel like I’m bothered constantly. For the third time this week, I felt like breaking something. That feeling is not a good thing.

Well, I had my interview with Aegon this afternoon. I sat with Mr. Lu for over an hour and a half, listening to him explain the mechanics of his business. He was trying to sell me the merits of the products that he represents. He spoke in great detail about becoming a branch manager, which was his aspiration, not mine. There was no structure at all to the interview, if you can call that an interview. He had no questions for me. He barely looked at my resume, my GPA and he made the decision that I would be a good pawn for his game of chess. He wasn’t the HR officer of Aegon. He was just a senior sales agent looking to expand his base. What is humorous is that he offered me nothing, and requested $100 to do a background check – another $20 if I wanted to go into the mortgage business, too. I would be on 100% commission. But what about the training? He was nebulous on that. No structure. No established S.O.P.’s… no way am I going to climb aboard. Even he admitted one of his weaknesses was networking, a trait that is essential in his type of business. So, I suppose he was looking to hire someone who would fill that gap for him. No, a person who has a weak network at his age does not seem to me to be a good mentor. I might not have gotten any “dings” from him, but he sure was getting many dings from me. No sale. I look forward to AIG’s orientation tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get a better impression there. If not, I have to wait for Fannie’s reference.

I woke up today to Ashcroft’s voice. What a bummer of a way to wake up. So, I woke up to Ashcroft announcing that the nation is now on “orange” alert. What does that mean? What is the public supposed to do with that information? Whose bright idea was it anyway to set the nation on panic? Thankfully, there wasn’t much news about riots and looting this afternoon. Since the intelligence sources say the U.S. assets in Southeast Asia are under car bomb threats, perhaps the panic is more pronounced there?

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