Good Fortune Strikes Unexpectedly

I called Fisher Investments, Inc. on Friday. “Hi! This message is for Angelo. I received your email today, and I sent my resume to your email address. Please let me know if you received it, or if you need me to send it again.”

Angelo, apparently, is the person whose screening the various resumes and applications for employment at Fisher Investments. This company was founded by Kenneth Fisher, an alumnus from Humboldt State – our alma mater. He came to speak at our school sometime in 2001. His approach to investments is different than the norm, and his successes has over $12 billion entrusted to his management. Before I left Humboldt, Dr. Mortazavi mentioned Jim Truitt gaining employment with his company. Since my assignment to China via the Peace Corps is dubious at best, I thought I’d give this job a try. I received a call about half an hour later after I left the message on Angelo’s machine.

Wei?” Answering the phone in Chinese, I’ve found, confuses people who’re not Chinese.
“Hello, may I speak to K?”
“Oh… this is him.”
“Hi. This is Angelo from Fisher Invesments –”
“Thank you for returning my call!”
“Yes, sure. I’m returning your call, and we still have not received your resume.”
“Oh, really?” I asked.
“Yes, I have your profile in front of me…”
“Hmm. I sent my resume as a PDF file this afternoon to…”
“Oh, here it is!” Apparently my resume was on another stack.
“Great. How soon will I hear from you?”
“Well… uh… there are still a lot of resumes to review here… so… probably sometime next week?”
“Awesome! Thank you for your time.”
“Sure, no problem.”

So, I started a movie. I was not watching Akira for more than five minutes when the phone rang again.

“Hi, this is Angelo from Fisher Investments.”
“Hello,” I said with a laugh in my voice. This must be good news, I thought, if he’s returning my call so soon.
“Well, I’ve reviewed your resume and we would like to schedule a phone interview with you.”
“Wow… that’s great. What day?”
“How about Wednesday next week?”
“Wednesday’s great. What time would be good for you?”
“Do you prefer mornings or afternoons?”
“Morning, please.”
“Either eight-thirty or ten would be good times.”
“Let’s make it eight-thirty.”

Angelo then gave me the name and number of the person whom I’m supposed to call. Fantastic! I am surprised that I even got a response so quickly. They must be impressed with what I had to say on my resume. With the possibility of being hired by Fisher Investments, I was sure that I had to turn down the offer over at Lincoln-Mercury. Things are working out…

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