Summary of Events

On Monday, I woke up late to do not much of anything. On Tuesday, Josh Neeley came up from Lake Forest to visit. He’s never eaten dim sum or pho before, so we went to New Capital Seafood in the morning for dim sum. For an afternoon diversion, we went to the new plaza in Pasadena and Barnes & Noble. Around 3pm, we went to Noodle City for pho. He loved both cuisines. On Wednesday, I had my interview with Dave Fogelson for the Peace Corps. It went well, and in the end he said he would nominate me for service. The bad news is that I have to wait until June of next year before I get to go. If I get to go… I found out that placement in China is slim. Needless to say, I was bummed. I spent the rest of the morning searching for jobs. I applied to the San Gabriel Lincoln-Mercury Dealership and several other jobs online. Today, I got a call from Dave. He said he spoke with the placement officer. Dave said I qualify for Teacher Training. Unfortunately, placement in China is still slim. On the positive side, I have fluency in Cantonese and some Mandarin that will put me at an advantage. However, I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket, as I have been.

So, I spent most of today developing alternatives. Several hours was put into making my general business resume. I applied to more jobs, several of them at Fisher Investments, Inc. Tomorrow, I will put my general business resume online for my bookmarked job-search sites, and also call the Lincoln-Mercury Dealership (Brad White, I think the sales manager’s name is.)

After a visit by the second family, I went to the gym. I am at the gaining phase of my endurance routine, and I’m feeling the pain. My biceps and triceps are still sore. Tomorrow, I bet my hams, quads and deltoids will feel some stiffness, as well. When I was doing my 20 minutes on the Stairmaster, I noticed that Lynda Lam was there on the running machine. I stopped by to say, “Hi.” It turns out that she’s interviewing Claire Danes, Susan Sarandon and Amanda Pete on Saturday for an online film ‘zine. Bravo for her! If our parents work things out, I might get a chance to talk to her all about it on Sunday.

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