1. warlockuk
    July 18, 2002 @ 4:19 pm

    Hi – I added you ‘cos of the LJ random thing and your icons 🙂 Cuuuute!

    Yeah. I have thusfar after a hell of a lot of research concluded there is no Hebrew God. The catholics/christians/american sub-christian factions are all wrong. I can base this on chronology, geography, writing, translations, language and predicates. Simple really.

    The Eastern religions, however, are more interesting. Oh, and the Odinists. They have some cool nature-istic ideas.


    • keentonchiang
      July 22, 2002 @ 11:38 pm

      Eastern Ideas Are Interesting, Too

      Yes, I agree there is a lot of evidence out there to disprove a Christian/Hebrew god. Yet, I read a book, written in a very logical, journalistic-style that provides convincing arguments for at least a God as opposed to The God. It’s the one I mentioned in my journal entry.

      The Eastern “religions”, I’ve found, are not really religions at all. I would call them philosophies that other religions, (such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, etc.), could incorporate. Perhaps the dogma of such religions would be more well-rounded, eh?

      Regardless of an existence of god, the purpose of religion is to provide a guiding light for determining right from wrong. Without religion or a god, something or someone else must do the guiding.


      • warlockuk
        July 23, 2002 @ 12:17 am

        Re: Eastern Ideas Are Interesting, Too

        Yeah, it’s sort of like a list of rules, like “the law”.

        With rules there’s no question that they exist – you’re told them by various people over the years (maybe this is one of the parts of religious dogma that is used to instill it into you as “truth”). From this you add and add little bits until you’ve got a religion…

        There are a lot of people out there who believe in “a God” but think they’re Christians – yet their beliefs only slightly overlap Christianity. I see what you’re saying about the religion telling but half they time THEY don’t follow it themselves.

        Look at the amount of people in jail who go to church a lot. We KNOW what is right and wrong – that’s what laws and our social conscience tell us. It’s when they start saying we’ll go to hell for not believing in the invisible man…

        Personally I think the control mechanism doubles as a way for weak-minded people to not go insane. If they think they’re going to heaven they won’t go mad at the idea that death is THE END. 🙂


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