Party’s Aftermath, The Sleepover, and True Dreams

My mom had her party this weekend, and it was successful. Many people had fun and enjoyed the great food that my second aunt made. The kids, as always when they are together, had a grand time: waterballoon fights, soccer, and ball catch. My second aunt made banh nuoc and banh gun, two delicious Vietnamese meals. More than just my mom’s old friends were here. We invited The Family & Friends, so close to fifty plus people came and went. We’ve exhausted our trashbags – and stamina – too.

The party was on Saturday, but we invited everyone to come back again today for leftovers. Mostly the parents of the kids came back. Last night, after the party, I went over to the Sixth Family’s house. There, all nine kids and I had a sleepover. We played some video games, a game of Risk (in which Jonathan overwhelmingly won), and I told some stories. The kids like my stories. The first one was a fairy tale called “The Six Swans.” Then I told several scary stories, “Bluecrawlers” and “The Bunny & The Goblin.” The boys were so frightened that they wouldn’t sleep until 3am. The girls had no trouble, oddly enough…

So, I’m tired. I woke up at around nine today. After staying up so late yesterday, it really is taxing.

Here’s another good piece of advice that I’ve found:

“Safe living generally makes for regrets later on. We are all given talents and dreams. Sometimes the two don’t match. But more often than not, we compromise both before ever finding out. Later on, as successful as we might be, we find ourselves looking back longingly to that time when we should have chased our true dreams and our true talents for all they were worth. Don’t let yourself be pressured into thinking that your dreams or your talents aren’t prudent. They were never meant to be prudent. They were meant to bring joy and fulfillment into your life. People who love what they do are usually those people who are doing what they love.” Peter Serchuk, Executive Creative Director of McCann-Erickson.

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