The Road Less Travelled

The life of an investment banker is extremely demanding. The entry-level position is an analyst. They are the grunts of the corporate finance world who work endlessly with little thanks and little pay (when the number of hours worked are factored in). I am not a graduate of a top-tier undergraduate university from which investment banks hire. So, if I seriously want to pursue this career, I need to figure a way to market myself and overcome that disadvantage.

The main question that I need to answer first is whether I want to pursue this career? From financial modeling to pitchbook making to going on roadshows with corporate execs, the job sounds exciting. Pressure and demands on quality and dedication are high. Yet, I believe such stress comes hand-in-hand with the excitement. I have often tread the path that takes the most effort mainly because others seek quick success. Hard work, patience, dedication, quality work and focus are characteristics of the road less travelled. In my opinion, this road has fewer competition than, say, institutional sales & trading. Perhaps I’m wrong. Yet, I believe that I have qualities that would give me an advantage in this career field over the other fields that I may work within corporate finance. These qualities are the same characteristics of “the road less travelled.”

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