Drunken Friend

My friend Sou Saephan suffered from alcohol poisoning last night. He spent the good part of the twilight hours next to the toilet purging his body of that debilitating substance. Poor Sou… what drove him to excess? He knows better, and he usually has so much self-control.

The whole bathroom reeked of bile and Chinese food. He left a trail of that stuff towards the toilet: evidence of failure to get there on time. I got him some water so that he didn’t dry-hack, and mopped the floor for him. He wouldn’t have been able to do it until the afternoon of the next day, anyway. The rest of the suite would be very upset at him. I didn’t want that to happen, so I did my good deed for the day.

I had brunch with Sou this morning and he thanked me for cleaning up after him. He said that I am now his friend. The guy has a weird requirement for friends — more weird than mine, that is. No one is considered his friend unless they’ve known each other for at least five years. Ten years would be a good friend. I’ve known him for five years, and I cleaned up after him, so he has now bestowed me with the honorable title of “Sou’s friend.” Finally…

My friendship with Sou is waning. We have not spent much time with each other. Neither one of us made many efforts to interact even though our rooms are just two doors away. As a result, the immediacy has decreased. We feel more distant from one another. If we don’t spend more time with each other soon, the friendship will indefinitely wane after graduation.

Do I want this to happen? Do I want to invest more into this relationship? No, I don’t want the friendship to end. I would like to invest more into the relationship, but I need to find a way where the two of us can self-disclose more. Sometime last semester, I realized that there are moments when I feel that I just cannot talk to Sou. Perhaps it is for a lack of trying. Such a long time has passed since I really had any interaction with him. I should start hanging out with him again and see if the friendship can be rejuvenated.

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