Mortazavi’s Compliment

The Investment exam today was not mathematically complicated, but required me to know the concepts very well. I expect at least an 85% score.

When I turned in my exam, Professor Mortazavi asked me if I was graduating this May. I said that I was, and he was disappointed. He wanted me to help him with a project. Now, this was an unexpected compliment! I want to be involved with this project, but that means I have to stay over the summer. I need to ask him for how long…

The University is planning to expand the number of SmartRooms over the next few years. Prof. Mortazavi was asked by the committee responsible for this expansion to develop a timeframe in which the University can upgrade to these new rooms. If I end up helping him with this project, I can improve my resume and add a very important person to my list of references. In the very least, I should be proud that he would even consider me as his aide.

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    1. What are SmartRooms?

      Hi Hermi,

      Yes, the SmartRooms are referring to those special Siemans Hall rooms. Professor Mortazavi says that the school has nineteen and would like to expand. I believe such rooms have microphones and cameras that will facilitate Internet lectures. Pretty amazing with what they want to do. Unfortunately, not much of the curriculum requires it.

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