Simple Steps to Simple Goals

The critical tasks for this week are done. My exam for Relational Communication Theory on Wednesday was easier than expected. I finished the six-page test in 20 minutes – the first student to turn it in, too. I expect to get an “A” for that exam. The empirical paper that I turned in on Tuesday for Investment Management was returned to me today in class. I got an “A.” I have reason to be really proud: I had to articulate a complicated statistical concept to a professor who can immediately spot ignorance on the subject.

The exam for Investment Management was also today. I woke up at 8am instead of 4am, like I planned. By the time I was done with breakfast, I had less than three hours to study for the exam. I went straight to the Library for some privacy and change of environment. I did some problems, reviewed some concepts, and wrote down the formulas we could have during the test. I barely finished the exam on time. Yet, I did finish and I think I did very well. My expectation is 90%.

Clarity of tasks for this week and a step-by-step plan (modified) to accomplish those tasks helped immensely. I feel like I achieved a lot, and, hence, am very satisfied. This system that I have used once before is proving itself to be useful again. First, I must be clear about what I want to do (clarity of vision). Next, I must develop a plan of action (creating hope as opposed to waiting on a wish). With faith in the plan, I will get that final push to take those steps. The secret here is just to start doing the first step, and I will carry on with the momentum. The plan will execute, and I will be happy with tasks done.

What will come next? I will make some leisure time to enjoy myself. I want to play Civilization III, and spend some quality time with my friends. I will do whatever I want that will be fun. By Sunday, I will be set to make the best out of my week again!

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