Smoothing Out Ruffled Feathers

Just five minutes ago, I learned how a compliment to one person can cause another to be insulted. I wrote a note to Scott to compliment him for what he’s done to improve the J Grill. Arnold, the J manager and a long time friend from the J, thought I implied that people should go to Scott from now on to get things done.

I feel horrible! After all the things that Arnold has done for me, I wrote a note that showed Scott up over Arnold. Did I forget that Arnold and Scott were rival managers? Am I not more partial to the original J manager?

I must make reparations. Arnold’s feelings and sense of respect were hurt. This reparation must be immediate. I was thinking of a $40 gift certificate to Abruzzi’s Italian Restaurant, but that’s overdoing it. The issue is not about money, but about words and appreciation.

I must write one note to Arnold personally and another one to publically praise him.

To Those Who Frequent the J,

The quality of the experience and teh service at the J have gotten better every year for the past five years. These factors are not determined by the variety in the menu or the tastiness of the food, though they have a part. No, the positive J experience and attentive service are determined by the subtle touches and mindfulness of the staff that, many times, are overlooked.

Have you noticed how fresh teh items are at the salad bar, the generally good attitude and helpful nature of the J workers, and the daily menus on the TV screen as you wait in line? Have you ever ben to one of the J’s special dinner events? For those who have had the chance to see the kitchen, are you not amazed by how clean it is considering the amount of food it must make for hundreds of students that eat here?

Any skilled and competent manager can provide good food and variety. But, to go through all the efforts to make those subtle touches and have the charisma to inspire co-workers to have a good attitude… that takes something else. Or, rather, that takes Arnold Waddell.

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