My Values and Beliefs

I wrote to J- two days ago. (I need to mail the letter today). I wrote about how we all have so many values and beliefs that we use to guide our actions with. If everyone’s actions are guided by certain values and beliefs, what are mine? What are my values and beliefs?

  • I value individualism.
  • Individualism must be balanced with social responsibility.
  • My ethical system is founded on an atheistic background.
  • I believe that the universe is so vast, so incomprehensibly huge, that human life is insignificant compared to it.
  • I believe raising children is my ultimate goal in my life.
  • I value power and authority, in that I want to possess it.
  • I value my integrity.
  • I believe that everyone is unique, and, as a result, one should not be prejudiced.
  • I believe that there is no such thing as inherent morals, that what we call “morals” are only conventional.
  • I value life, in that most life problems we eventually solve.
  • Yet, I also believe in quality of life, and
  • Our freedom of choice.
  • I realize that we are mortal, so
  • I value time. I don’t know why I didn’t mention it before, but
  • I certainly value happiness. Many of my decisions are based on this value.

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