Age Difference

We didn’t have class with Lee today. I was able to spend a nice two and a half hours with A-. The age difference struck me. She is twenty-three. I’m eighteen. She has five more years of life experience over me. We live in different worlds. She has different needs. I have different needs. We are familiar acquaintances, but no self-disclosure has occurred that would make us friends. I want her as a friend. Or do I, really? According to the textbook in my Interpersonal Comm. class, there is a cost-benefit to every relationship. What is the benefit of the friendship that I can have with her? She is beautiful. I can have the satisfaction of having a friend who is physically enchanting. It appears that is a criteria I tend to have for most of my acquaintances. I like surrounding myself with beautiful people. Well, whatever the case, I need to have more exchange of personal disclosure if I am to have a friendship with her, or anyone else for that matter.

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