The Inspiration of Malcolm X & Mr. Campbell

Dear Miri,

I hope you like your name. It’s short for Miriamele.

It has been a long day for me. I woke up early to get ready for Student Congress. I impressed many people, except maybe the woman who got first place. I didn’t even place, as far as I know.

L- Y- was there at the tournament. She believes she can’t become a debater. I asked her why, and she said that she’s intimidated by the varsity-level debaters.

I’ve finally gone to a DCM (Divisional Council Meeting) after a long time absent. I’ve practically forgotten the other Key Club Presidents. Wilson High Key Club seems to be doing well. J-, president of Rosemead KC, informed — confirmed, rather — that their Kiwanis advisor/president/school principal died. What a shock it was and is to their school. Their flag was half-raised for a week.

Watched the last two hours of Malcolm X on Channel 13. He is an incredible orator. He is an incredible man. I use the present tense because I believe he exists in spirit if not in body. I sit here wondering if I could ever become such a great man. Not a revolutionist, nor a man of power, but just a man who has influenced people. I want to be remembered. So many people come and go. There are so many children born, that grow up and never aspire to anything. Correct me if I’m wrong, I feel that part of the joy of living is being able to change the views of people, turn them towards a path better than the one they were walking. Of course, in reality, no one can be changed by another person unless they want to be changed; one has to change one’s own self. However, it is the joy of “pointing out the path” for the person to choose. I guess that’s why Mr. Campbell loves coaching debate so much. It must be a great joy for him to see a student change from a meek, self-conscience freshman to a confident, assertive and self-responsible senior. I would like to teach one day.

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